About us and our solution

Today, dont.farm is known by many webmasters. Clients from more than
48 countries work with us, we've issued more than 200,000 outstanding accounts.


For two years we have ensured that the service runs smoothly. We are constantly optimizing our farming and development processes to maximize your benefit and comfort with the service.

We have managed to gain the trust of major international teams and private affiliates around the world thanks to several key advantages:

Regulated issuing
of accounts
  • We give away accounts «in one hand», with no advertising history.
  • You will receive your account within 6-24 hours of ordering — depending on the workload.
  • Every given out account has passed all checks and meets the highest quality criteria.
We support
clients at all steps
  • We prepare the account for the launch and create an advertising account according to our instructions, minimizing the risk of losing the account at the start.
  • To each client, we assign an account manager who has personal experience of launching advertisements.
  • Each client is provided with an up-to-date start-up manual.
Huge variation
of account localizations
  • Every webmaster has countries he prefers to work with. We are responsible for making sure the accounts belong to the requested GEO, and we replenish the stock in time to deliver the required GEO. Over 100 countries are available to choose from.
  • All accounts include unlimited rental of all technical functionality, saving an average of $500 per month on consumables compared to other solutions.

Criteria for selecting accounts
for our clients:

3 types of accounts,
our own working models

Regular accounts