Day 2
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So, you have logged into your account and already managed to turn off the notifications? Excellent, then we move on.

Your task for today will be the so-called “warm-up” of your account. In simple terms, this is like a situation with a car engine. You can’t drive on a cold engine; a breakdown may occur. Facebook monitors that there are no sudden changes in the behavior of your account. If for 5 years in a row an account slowly posted photos in its feed, liked friends' messages and looked at favorite Fan Page, and then unexpectedly tied a credit card in one day and tried to launch ads to a suspicious site, with ad creative that doesn’t fit under the Facebook polices, Facebook will find this behavior extremely strange and blocks the user. In addition, usually, at the beginning of its “advertising activities”, the account does not have a “credit history”, therefore Facebook will not allow large charges from the card, due to the lack of trust in the account. Daily limits are usually associated with the quality of the payment option rather than with the quality of the account. Making systematic charges from the card over and over again, albeit small volumes, we increase the trust of our payment card, account and BM, which will increase the size of your maximum billing threshold.

To minimize the risk of such situations, you need to go through the account “warm-up” procedure described below:

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