Day 1. Creating a Fan Page / Disabling notifications in the personal and business accounts
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An important step in preparation is disabling system notifications on the Fan Pages, all Business Managers, Ads Managers, Ads Accounts.

You have 4 simple steps to follow:

  1. Turn off all notifications in the personal page and Ads Manager, Ads Accounts
  2. Disable notifications in the Business Manager
  3. Turn off Fan Page notifications
  4. Delete quick Fan Page links on the main page of the account

Below is a video tutorial that shows you how to create a Fan Page and turn off notifications.

(If you requested the creation of BMs and Fan Pages, then you do not need to create them additionally, just turn off the notifications according to the instructions below.

Note: BMs will be called “Delete account” - this is due to the specifics of the account and does not carry any functions.

(video + text)

Video Tutorial

Step 1. In all accounts, it is mandatory to disable notifications in Ads Managers and in Ads Accounts

This is where you switch between Ad Accounts

Step 2. Turn off the notifications for your Business Manager

Click on “Business settings”

In the menu (to the left) we choose “Notifications” – scroll down and turn off everything that’s on.

(In this picture the notifications are ON- we should switch them to OFF)

Step 3. Turning off notifications for the Fan Page

Please make sure that for all accounts, the notifications from the Fan Pages are switched to OFF.

Step 4. Removing Fan Page links from the main page.

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