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This manual was created in order to help you, to begin working with our system and get the best results possible. Our team urges you to read it carefully before you start working with our accounts. Please pay extra attention to all the steps we provide for our system to work correctly.

Facebook is improving and developing, the rules and algorithms are changing, but the basic principles of webmaster’s work on Facebook are unchanged, as are the mistakes made by both beginners and high-level specialists. It is impossible to warn the user against all errors in a single manual, so we ask you to use common sense and logic, especially in situations that can be potentially life-threatening to your account.

In addition to this, you can always turn to our support team in situations that may be difficult to resolve. We will try our best to help you out.

Our accounts are under warrantee, in accordance with our replacement policy, but it does not always apply to cases that are listed, but are not limited to concepts such as lack of skills, knowledge, mistakes by beginners, reckless actions or aggressive traffic, abuse of accounts, etc.

A real arbitrage specialist should always be aware of the latest trends and innovations of Facebook. This applies to creative formats, cloaking, knowledge of advertising campaign policies and topics allowed for advertising.

In this manual, you will find everything you need to know to start working with our accounts, including details on such matters as

  • Step-by-step recommendations for handling your account
  • How and where to turn off notifications
  • Links to forums (topic - unban )
  • Filling in checkboxes to unlock an account
  • Video instructions
  • List of critical recommendations(very important) for success
  • Recommendations for “cloacking” services
  • Frequently Asked Questions
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