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Account selection and basic recommendations
Which account GEO to choose?

We recommend you to select an account with the same GEO as your payment method and target audience. Consult with your manager - he will help you to choose the best option with minimal risk.

Can I advertise from geo X to geo Y?

Yes, you can. However, there is a connection between account GEO and target GEO, so if these two factors match, it reduces the risk of advertising campaign ban. Test several different accounts with different targeting options - this will help you to form a system for your goals.

What are the billing thresholds?

Usually the first threshold of an account without advertising history is $2, $10, or $25. After several payments as a rule, it increases.

What are the daily limits?

Limits on accounts with different GEOs may vary. On CIS accounts, the initial limits, as a rule, are $50-$250, European accounts tend to have $250 more often. After several payments and a budget increase - the limits increase. Also, the trust of the payment solution and the validity period of your card affect limits.

How much can I spend per account on average?

Unfortunately, not a single account solution can guarantee 100% results, and if you see somebody guaranteeing it, it's likely a lie. No account is impervious to bans and ours are not an exception. The quality and quantity of your spend will be significantly affected by: - Vertical (niche) - Aggressiveness of creatives - Cloacking - Payments - The speed of adsets duplication - The reaction of users to your ad - Timely payment of bills (payment for advertising) - The presence of a warm-up But perhaps the most important thing will be experience and common sense. For more specific numbers, you can always consult with your account manager.

When can I start to advertise?

Before the main launch, we strongly recommend warming up your account to maximize results. On average, the warm-up are given about 3 days, this is enough time for the account to gain enough trust for the platform to further work with advertising.

How to warm up accounts?

Detailed recommendations for warming up and starting each type of account are described in the manuals, which will be available after you pay for the corresponding model of work. Follow the instructions, it will minimize the risk of losing an account.

How many ad accounts and BMs can I create?

After some advertising history, you can open up to 5 BMs (usually up to 3 BMs), 3-5 ad accounts in each one. During the initial preparation of Regular and Subscription accounts we create 1 BM with 1 ad account.

Payment methods for advertising
Is the payment solution included in the price?

The payment solution is included only in the case of White Hat solution for Facebook accounts. The payment solution is not included in the price of Regular and Subscription Model accounts. You can always ask your manager about the availability of payment solutions and services we recommend.

Can I use a payment method from a different country than the account country?

We recommend you to use a payment that matches the GEO of the account. Contact your manager for more recommendations on this matter.

Does each account need a separate card?

We strongly recommend using a unique card for each account, otherwise after banning one account with this payment, you risk losing all others.

What are the best payment methods?

Contact your manager for a proper consultation on this matter, as well as to find out more about the availability of payments and services recommended by us.

In what case does FB block the payment method?

A high risk of blocking payments occurs if: your payment method has already been used in another account; unreliable payment method with a low trust is used (for example, Yandex.Money, Qiwi, not a Revolut business account); payment GEO does not match account GEO. If your card was blocked for another reason, consult with your manager.

Blocking and additional options
How to avoid ban?

Social networks and ad platforms can ban an account for a variety of reasons - most often for suspicious account activity or campaigns that do not comply with the Advertising Policy. The RDP-based solution is the safest on the market, but even with this equipment, blocking is inevitable. There is no account that is completely immune to problems during the launching of advertising campaigns. We have prepared manuals describing common reasons for campaign and account blocking - use them to reduce risks when working with Facebook, Google Adwords and Twitter and to extend the life of your account. Instructions will be available after purchase.

What to do if the account is restricted from advertising?

In our manuals, we describe in more detail the possible reasons for blocking an account and how to appeal. Upon receiving a ban, contact the social network's support with a request to unblock your account. Also there is a free BM Appeal feature for Facebook accounts on our service. For more detailed advice, you can always contact your account manager.

Do you solve the problem with Checkpoint?

Yes, we do. First, we will try to restore access to the account, and in case of failure we are ready to replace such an account under the warranty. You can always contact your manager in case of a checkpoint, he will help with replacement and other issues.

How to get login and password for an account? does not provide passwords to the accounts due to their absence.

Can I connect my BM to my new account?

Now you can transfer access to BM through the Partnership option - we recommend you to read our Manual or contact your manager for help.

Can I link an account to Instagram?

Yes, you can. Contact your manager - he will help you to connect your account with Instagram.

Service and features
Can I get a test account?

We can provide access to a Demo account for 15 minutes, so that you can explore the capabilities of the service and you’ll be insured of the convenience and safety of our solution. You can ask your manager to receive the Demo account.

How does your warranty work?

More information can be found in the Products & Services section.

Can I make an account replacement after purchase, if I have not even opened it yet?

This case is not covered under warranty, unless you are using the subscription business model (in that case you can replace accounts for any reason).

Can you customize the ads?

We won’t be able to set up advertising, but our account managers - experts in affiliate marketing - are always ready to help with the issues of setting up an advertising campaign. Our instructions on working with accounts and preparing them for advertising are also available to you - they will help you take the first steps and reduce the risk of bans.

Can I get warmed up BM?

Yes, you can request warmed up Business Manager from your account manager. The request is reviewed in 24 hours.