The #1 account seller worldwide

One-stop solution for everything
related to advertising launch.
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The first 10,000
Facebook accounts issued to customers
Google and Twitter
sales launch
The first
verification of Business Manager
Sign in
to multiple accounts
in the browser
in 1 click
A signature safe warm-up technique
solution for
White hat
A new record
of 100,000
accounts issued
Free account
appeal feature
with unlimited replacements
within 24 hours
A proprietary tool
for launch automation
Issuing Business Managers
with the limit of
Completed >
3,000,000 tasks
Issuance of accounts with a
completed appeal of advertising activity ban

Our mission — the evolution of your opportunities

Your profit
is our goal

The time you would spend on finding another account provider is worth more than the cost of working with us for a month.
Even if
you are not
a client yet
Even if
another wave
of bans arrives
Even if
requesting accounts for your needs overloads our system
We've already put your ROI first
and are set to provide everything you need.

We supply any Geo

183 countries available for purchase

We work with the whole world

Customers from 48 different countries work with us

The only one
willing to provide assets
for any volume

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Our capacity: more than 30 000 accounts in stock at all times and issued non-stop. We've optimized the fastest possible, totally uncompromising account output.

Your advertising can't wait

Our base principle is,
first and foremost, traffic.

We use all our resources to ensure that you get accounts in the shortest time possible, and have everything you need to run your ads.

500 accounts
issued in the last 24 hours
25000 accounts
issued in the last month
200000 accounts
issued in total

One of our principles is
that your profits are a priority.

We care: we help in your quest to earn more from advertising — that's why so many work with us long term.

60% of customers
regularly come back and use our services again
650 of customers
are now working in the system
8000 of customers
have already increased their opportunities with us

Everything is ready
for your launch

Before you receive your accounts, our 200+ employees use our automated verification algorithms to carefully process each profile in several steps. Only those that meet the highest quality criteria are sent to you.

In-house assembly
of all technical equipment

RDP Protocol for remote access to the server hosting the virtual machine with our account.
Such a mechanism provides the highest security compared to other solutions on the market. RDP is launched in one click.
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No modern antidetect browser, including MLA, has the ability to import the full data package needed to guarantee account usage. uses Chromium together with RDP, which meets the highest social network anti-fraud standards.
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The system is set up in such a way that the neural mechanisms of social networks see almost no difference between the virtual machine and the user's device. And in the event of any changes, we will flexibly adapt our settings
to the new requirements.
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By default, we only use private resident proxies, which virtually eliminates the chance of coming across a checkpoint. Also, on popular GEOs, there is the option of premium proxy.
They ensure the fastest speed.
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An exceptionally systematic
approach for the benefit of
our customers

Your results come not only from the accounts you have but also from the approach you take.
We know all the nuances of launching advertising from which we have inferred two best-case scenarios for cooperation.

White Hat

Your business has low risks of being rejected by Facebook policy, you care about high budgets and account stability at a distance -

we have the best solution ready to go for niche marketers.

Full access
High limits
Business Manager warm-up
3-5 Ad accounts
Bank card

Black Hat

Unlimited replacement
Any Geo
Limits $250
No limitations
Frequent bans are the main reason for drops in your income. To improve the chances that a strategy works out, more attempts are needed.

Insurance for your business:
replace accounts for subscribed users easily and without limit.

When you get an account,
the work is just beginning

For 2 years now

We provide uninterrupted service to our customers. By investing in stability,
you stay afloat even during the most difficult times.

Customer opinion


I love their technical infrastructure and their excellent customer service. No other company comes close. As I continue to grow my company, I plan to increase my business with them.

Elios Myftiu

I was amazed since my first contact with my account manager. I bombed them with questions and they always replied with detailed responses.
They even gave me the best practices for ad account longevity which worked like a charm. I have so many accounts that are still running ads for months now without any issues.

Pro Traders
AL is one of the best companies to generate unlimited facebook accounts all around the world. Also if your ads get banned and require email, phone number or ID the team helps you. They are the reason I am still in marketing.

Said Al Haddad

Before coming across, we have been struggling with ad accounts all the time now things are really smooth, We get an account banned and always get a replacement right away! Ad accounts are the main issue of all Ecom communities on Facebook, and Dontfarm is the solution.

Elios Myftiu

We were in a bad position as we wanted to advertise on Facebook but they just did not care. were a life saver their white hat accounts allow us to run ads for our white hat projects. We have used their accounts for months and months and they have spent high. 10/10


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The name we've made through our work